Am I registered to vote or how do I register to vote?
You may confirm your voter registration status through MVP. If you have submitted a voter registration application within the prior three to four weeks and your name does not appear, please contact 770-830-5823 or 770-830-5824 to check the status of your application. Georgia citizens have access to several convenient methods of registering to vote. Please see the Voter Registration page for more information.Voter Registration Page

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1. Am I registered to vote or how do I register to vote?
2. Who is eligible to vote?
3. Where do I vote?
4. What do I bring with me to vote?
5. Do I have to show my precinct card to vote?
6. How long should it take to receive a precinct card?
7. Are children allowed in the voting booth?
8. May a husband and wife vote together in 1 voting booth?
9. If I believe I have received the wrong ballot or have a question about what is on my ballot, what do I do?
10. May I bring a weapon to the polling place?
11. Who can vote absentee by mail? And how often do you have to apply?
12. Can anyone return a voted absentee ballot?
13. If I own a business in a municipality other than the one where I live, can I vote in that city's election?