Agriculture Advisory Committee


  • Chairman’s appointee: Bill Hodge, Chairman, Term Expires: 6/1/25
  • District 1: Merrell Folsom, Term Expires: 6/1/25
  • District 2: Ryan Morris, Term Expires: 6/1/27
  • District 3: Kelly Hagen, Vice-Chairman, Term Expires: 6/1/25
  • District 4: Jerry Culver, Term Expires: 6/1/27
  • District 5: Sam Duke, Term Expires: 6/1/25
  • District 6: Dr. Allison Key, Term Expires: 6/1/27

 The AG Advisory Committee is composed of seven (7) voting members from Carroll County, appointed by the governing authority of the County.  After the initial terms, the terms of all members shall be for four (4) years. If at the end of any term of any member, a successor to such member has not been appointed, the member whose term of office has expired shall continue to hold office until his successor is appointed. Districts 1,3,5, and Chairman expire 6/1/25. Districts 2,4,6 expire 6/1/27. Then, 4-year terms will start as each seat expires.

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The committee was established to represent the diversity of agricultural operations in Carroll County in order to promote the objective to retain agriculture as a viable economic endeavor in Carroll County. Regular meetings shall be held quarterly and more often as needed. 

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