Severe Weather Preparedness


Storms can quickly intensify with potentially lethal consequences. While monitoring the news media and a NOAA severe weather radio should always be your first line of defense, Carroll County EMA helps to alert residents of approaching severe weather by activating outdoor warning sirens. 


When the National Weather Service (NWS) issues a severe weather warning, Carroll County EMA will activate its severe warning sirens to alert the locations and people targeted in the path of the storm. 

  • The sirens will sound for a 1-square mile radius.
  • They do not provide county-wide coverage.
  • These weather sirens are located in places where outdoor events occur.
  • They are not recommended as the sole alerting sources for a home or a business. 
  • When you hear sirens, know you must take immediate action to stay safe. 

Know the Terms:

  • Flood watch: issued when flooding is possible.
  • Flash flood watch: issued when flash flooding is possible. Be prepared to move to higher ground. 
  • Flood warning: issued when flooding is occurring or will occur soon; if advised to evacuate, do so immediately. 
  • Flash flood warning: issued when a flash flood is occurring; seek higher ground on foot immediately.
  • Tornado watch: Issued when a tornado is possible in your area. 
  • Tornado warning: issued when a tornado has been sighted or indicated by weather radio.

Seeking Shelter

  • If you hear a weather siren, seek shelter.
  • Take shelter in the lowest part of a study building.
  • Stay away from windows and doors. 
  • Put as many interior walls between you and the outside as you can.

Tornado shelter tips