Poll Worker Information

On Election Day approximately 250+ of your neighbors serve the voters of Carroll County by working as poll officials.  You can be on the frontline of democracy and become one of that number!  As a poll official at one of our polling places, you would play an active role in ensuring the on-going success of the electoral process.

We need dedicated individuals who take pride in their work, are patient, enjoy working with people, and who take direction well and are detail oriented.

If you are interested, apply today!
Poll Worker Application

Each polling place poll team is comprised of one manager, two assistant managers, and as many clerks as needed. 

Poll worker pay is as follows: Poll Manager - $ 210.00, Assistant Poll Manager - $170.00, and Clerks - $ 140.00.  A poll worker is a Per Diem position with Carroll County and does not include any benefits (for example: health insurance, paid sick leave, annual leave, paid holidays). 

Once an applicant is approved to be a poll worker they must complete the Poll Worker Employment Application and submit to Carroll County Human Resources along with required documents listed on page titled "List of Acceptable Documents" before the election.  Failure to submit required paperwork will result in nonpayment.

Poll Worker Training

Pursuant to O.C.G.A. 21-2-99(a) all poll officers and poll workers shall be trained in all aspects of state and federal law applicable to conducting elections prior to each election. No poll officer or poll worker shall serve at any election unless they have received training.

Poll worker training class schedules are set by the Carroll County Elections Supervisor, Greg Rigby.  Poll workers will be notified by their poll manager when and where training will be.

Online training videos are available (see link below) as an additional resource for poll workers.  All poll workers are required to attend in office training before each election.

Poll Worker: Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a poll worker.  If you require further information not addressed here, please contact the Elections Office at 770-830-5823.