Filing for Eviction

To evict your tenant, you must file a dispossessory (eviction notice). A dispossessory is the correct action to file through the Magistrate Court when attempting to evict tenants from the property.

Serving Notices
We attempt next day service, but in some cases, we are unsuccessful. However, the Carroll County Sheriff's Office will serve them as quickly as he can.

When the tenant is served, the law allows them a total of 7 straight days from the date they receive the notice to file their answer (response). The 7 days include weekends, holidays, etc. If the 7th day falls on the weekend or a holiday, their answer is due on the next business day before 5 p.m.

Filing Answers

If the tenant chooses to file an answer, within the 7 days, filing their answer will stop the eviction process and you will receive a court date in the mail. If they choose not to answer, a writ of possession will be issued automatically giving you, the landlord the right to take the property back whereas you can remove all of their belongings.

Inquiring About Eviction Statuses

In calling for a "status" to see "what's going on" with your eviction, because of the volume of "status" phone calls and the volume of patrons, you may be placed on hold until a clerk is available.

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