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Mission Statement

We, the Carroll County Animal Shelter, believe in the dignity and sanctity of animal life. We believe that companion animals are a product of human intervention and that we have an obligation to them in regard to humane treatment and responsible stewardship. We will alleviate suffering, prevent cruelty, and will treat every animal as kindly as possible. We have a duty to protect and care for suffering and homeless animals. Our values, decisions, conduct and behavior should set the tone and be a model for others, in their care and treatment of all animals.

Our mission is to be honest, respectful, and responsible, to be fair and just, caring and compassionate. We will strive to promote positive and collaborative relationships with other agencies, organizations, individuals and our community.
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  1. Animal Shelter

    Physical Address
    251 Automation Drive
    Carrollton, GA 30117


Adoption and Intake Hours
  • Adoptions                           Monday-Friday 8-4:30     Saturday 8-3:30 
  •  Intake                                Monday-Friday-8-3:00                 ONLY
  • Office Hours                        Monday-Friday 8-5:00
  • Saturday 8:00-4:00