Is this a volunteer position or paid position?

It is a paid volunteer position, poll workers are paid for service.  Election Day poll worker is a Per Diem position with Carroll County and does not include any benefits (for example: health insurance, paid sick leave, annual leave, paid holidays).  The rates are :  Poll Mangers - $210.00, Assistant Poll Manager - $170.00, and Clerks - $140.00.  If a poll worker must leave during the Election Day due to illness or emergency, the pay will be prorated to the number of hours worked.

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1. Is this a volunteer position or paid position?
2. What are the hours of work on Election Day?
3. Do I really have to work all day?
4. Do Poll Workers recieve training?
5. How will I know the training schedule?
6. I have worked several elections, do I still have to receive training before each election?
7. If I am working the poll, how do I vote? Can I leave to vote if I am not working at my precinct?
8. Does the county provide lunch or snacks?
9. If I am a smoker, am I allowed smoke breaks?
10. When are poll workers paid?