SHELTER FEES (Resources/fees)

*If you are reclaiming your pet, we will waive the impound and boarding fees if you choose to have your pet spayed/neutered with our Shelter.*

Adoption Fees
* Dogs or Puppies:  $50
* Cats/Kittens:  $50
*Livestock:  $20 up to $150
Ask about our monthly adoption specials

Impound Fees
*Dogs or Cats:  $20
*Rabies Quarantine:  $25 per day-MUST BE PAID ON INTAKE
*Livestock:  $20 up to $150

Owner Surrender Fees
*Dogs and Cats:  $25 per animal
*Exotic pets:  $25 per animal

Carroll County Animal Shelter is overwhelmed with a tremendous amount of homeless pets.  Because we do not want to euthanize your pet or euthanize another pet to make space for your pet, surrendering your pet to us should only be done as a last resort.