Before E-911
Emergency service was accessed by 6 public safety agencies in Carroll County. These agencies were reached by dialing their specific phone numbers and their dispatchers obtained and dispatched the information.

Start of E-911
Carroll County E-911 began August 1, 1985 with 12 employees. There were 3 supervisors and 9 communications specialists. These employees served 76 officers/deputies from:
  • 5 law enforcement agencies
  • 60 fire personnel from the city and county’s 13 fire stations
  • 18 emergency medical technicians employed by West Georgia Emergency Medical Services (EMS) who was the contracted provider.
Present E-911
There are currently 35 employees who provide services to all citizens of Carroll County who dial 911 or any of our administrative lines:
  • 911 Director
  • Operations Manager
  • Administrative Assistance
  • 4 Supervisors
  • 4 Training Coordinators
  • 24 Telecommunicators
Responder Agencies
 Carroll County E-911 currently dispatches for 11 public safety agencies
After-Hours Service
There are also numerous other agencies that require our services after hours, such as the Department of Family and Children’s Services and Carroll County Animal Control.