Mediator Assignments & Fees

Assigning or Selecting a Mediator

The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Office assigns mediators to cases on a rotational basis from its list of program-approved mediators. Parties may select their own mediator and negotiate a fee as long as the mediator is registered with Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution. If the parties have selected a mediator, this must be indicated in writing and attached to the Mediation Domestic Initiation Form (PDF) or the Mediation Civil Initiation Form (PDF) when case is submitted to the ADR Office.


If the ADR Office assigns the mediator, the fee is $100 per hour with a 2-hour ($200) minimum. The parties are to share the cost equally and must be prepared to pay the mediator at the time of the session. If parties privately select a mediator, the mediator sets the fee and cancellation policy.  

Fee Reduction or Waivers

Requests for fee reduction or waiver due to a party's inability to pay must be made to the Carroll County ADR Office prior to the session on the appropriate forms which are available from the ADR Office.