Case Initiation

Initiation Process
The Mediation Initiation Form (PDF) should be completed in full and mailed or faxed to the Coweta Circuit Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Office in LaGrange. The case should be initiated a minimum of 45 days prior to an anticipated final hearing or trial date.

ADR staff will conduct an intake process with parties and answer questions. If attorneys plan to attend the mediation session, this must be indicated on the initiation form in order for their schedules to be taken into consideration during scheduling process.

Determining Your Case Needs
Please note that not all cases are appropriate for mediation. If any party has questions or concerns about whether a case is appropriate for mediation because of allegations of domestic violence, child abuse, or any other special circumstances, please advise the ADR Office of those concerns.

Additional screening may be necessary to decide as to whether mediation is appropriate. Please contact this office if you need any additional information or need assistance in this area.