Preparing for Emergencies
Preparedness actions exist prior to an emergency to support and enhance disaster response. Evaluating which disasters are most likely to occur in Carroll County and formulating written plans outlining the response to each event is the 1st step. All emergency response personnel from all disciplines are then trained on these plans using test exercises designed as a trial for the effectiveness of the plans.

Preparedness Activities
  • Budgeting and purchasing equipment
  • Coordinating contingency planning
  • Educating the public
  • Issuing forecasts and warnings
  • Maintaining local emergency operations plan
  • Ordering mandatory evacuations
  • Performing vulnerability analysis
  • Recruiting personnel and training exercises
Community Awareness
Another important aspect of preparedness is community awareness. It is vital that our residents know what hazards may affect their community and how to prepare for the effects. Carroll County Emergency Management Agency offers a wide range of classes for individuals, civic groups, community associations, and day care providers. Anyone interested in receiving information concerning these classes may contact Director Tim Padgett by email or at 770-830-5882.

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